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Fractal Bengals

Ginger Thompson

Kamisha Bengals (Kathy Shaw)

Ken Kershaw

John Harris

Kimberly Reinbrecht

SmokeyCoons Cattery

Xin Fu

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The show is now closed to sponsorships, entries, and lunch/vendor reservations; many thanks to all who entered!

If you haven't yet paid for your sponsorship, please do so now. We accept credit card payments via PayPal and Square. We also accept checks or money orders. Please make checks payable to The Maine Event.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Sponsor Coordinator.

Terms & Deadlines

Sponsorship orders and payments must reach us no later than October 30, 2022.

The club reserves the right to refuse sponsors without cause. After the Club's Sponsor Coordinator receives a sponsorship request, the Sponsor Coordinator will notify the sponsor whether their sponsorship has been accepted. The Club reserves the right to not accept a sponsorship if another sponsor has an exclusive contract for that given product and/or service. 

A fee of $30.00 plus bank fees will be assessed for any returned checks; such checks must be claimed with cash before the show begins.

If you have sent in your sponsorship request, but have not received an acknowledgement, please contact the Sponsor Coordinator for a status update. 

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Masterpiece Ragdolls


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Junior Ring Sponsor

SmokeyCoons Cattery

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Kamisha Bengals (Kathy Shaw)

Peggy Smith

SmokeyCoons Cattery

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